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device,cursor_image ??

Hi all:

I've been trying to use a user-defined cursor via
device,cursor_image=csr_img on an X11 Sun platform.
The scant documentation for it says the cursor image
is defined as a 16 element integer array which stores
the bits of a 16x16 bitmap.

I set it up as:

This cursor is symmetric so it shouldn't matter if
each integer represents the bits in a column or
a row.  The bits set in the above integers should
give a small crosshair in the center.  Instead, I
get the cursor split horizontally with half of it at
the left boundary and half at the right.

Anyone worked with this and have any info?
I feel like I'm overlooking something obvious,
but have spent too much time fooling with it
already.    (I'm running IDL 5.1)


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