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Re: Idea for an IDL numerical toolbox

Mr.Stein Vidar Hagfors Haugan
University of Oslo
Oslo, Norway

Dear Mr. Haugan:

This is to inform you that you have been nominated
and are a finalist for the 1999 Coyote's Howl Award.
As you may or may not know, this award is given 
annually (or whenever the committee gets around to it)
to the person who has made the most significant 
contribution to the IDL newsgroup.

The person who nominated you had this to say about
your contribution:

   "God bless, Stein Vidar. I wouldn't have a clue
    how to link my FORTRAN code without him!"

This anonymous person also pointed out that your
solution of the LOG2 problem saved him weeks of work.

On behalf of the committee, let me extend to you our
sincerest gratitude and thanks for a job well done.

And on a personal note, let me assure you that even
though you have won the award five of the last seven
times it has been given, the committee will not hold
that against you. Although it is still early in the
year, I feel certain that your chances for another
trophy are excellent.

I will be in touch again just as soon as the votes
have been counted.

Very sincerely yours,

Dr. Wily J. Coyote
Coyote's Coordinating Committee Chairman (C^4)