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Re: How to check if a file is indeed a NetCDF file?

Paul van Delst wrote:
> In trying to read NetCDF data files in IDL, I've discovered that the
> NCDF_OPEN crashes on me if the file I ask it to open is not a nCDF file.
> It crashes somewhat gracefully in that it tells me that NCDF_OPEN
> couldn't open the file and the error # is 19. Does anyone out there know
> how to use the IDL NCDF library to determine whether or not a file is in
> NetCDF format? The fact that the most obvious solution (i.e. NCDF_OPEN
> *returns* an error # rather than falling in a heap) doesn't work like I
> would expect doesn't make me too hopeful.

How about this (styled along the lines of HDF_ISHDF)?


;- Set return values

false = 0B
true = 1B

;- Establish error handler

catch, error_status
if error_status ne 0 then begin
  catch, /cancel
  return, false

;- Try opening the file

cdfid = ncdf_open( filename )

;- If we get this far, open must have worked

ncdf_close, cdfid
catch, /cancel
return, true


Then it's just a matter of:

if not ncdf_isncdf( filename ) then begin
  help, filename
  message, 'FILENAME is not in NetCDF format'
cdfid = ncdf_open( filename )


Liam E. Gumley
Space Science and Engineering Center, UW-Madison