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Re: Generic MPEG writer

In article <7figc5$1l2$1@news.lth.se>, Struan Gray
<struan.gray@sljus.lu.se> wrote:

> Joseph B. Gurman, gurman@gsfc.nasa.gov writes:
> >    Any clues at all would be useful.
> I've only used the IDLgrMPEG object by sending it series of
> IDLgrImages but the documentation claims it will also accept
> a 3xmxn array.  You can add an IDLgrPalette object to any
> graphics atom, so should be able to specify the colour table
> just once with a call to the IDLgrMPEG's SetProperty method
> - though I've never actually done this myself.
> Struan

    Thanks, Struan -

    I've tried that without a whole lot of luck, but a colleague has taken
my code and fixed it. I've cancelled the original post and will replace it
in tghe next day or so with a listing of the successful code.

                  Joe Gurman

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