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Re: reading ASCII Data

In article <371CD852.1E35776B@io.harvard.edu>, Martin Schultz <mgs@io.harvard.edu> writes:
>David Foster wrote:
>> [...] I thought
>> it'd be trivial using IDL's STR_SEP(), but you can't get rid of
>> the extra space characters easily (it gets confused when two
>> delimiting characters are next to each-other...dreadful programming!).
>looks a little clumsy but can be done (as long as they are really only
>seperating your data records):
>tokens = str_sep( strcompress( strtrim( line, 2 ) ), ' ' )
>(maybe this would be worth its own function, e.g. strstrip)
Well, you can use my STRPARSE which is already 8 years old and still 
better than STR_SEP.

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