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IDL subroutine improvements

To all,

This is a really small issue.  I'm just wondering if anyone else has
submitted an improvement to an existing IDL subroutine to RSI and seen it
incorporated into a subsequent version of IDL?	A while back I submitted
(what I considered to be) a significant speed enhancement to the cross
correlate and auto correlate functions with only minor modifications.  My
benchmarks were showing me about a 60%+ speed improvement (which is important
if your code is constantly banging on these functions, like mine was).	I had
to convince the rep over a couple of emails what the advantage/improvement

Anyway, was just wondering.  BTW, if anyone wants these two functions, just
drop me a line.  Maybe DF or RK would consider another subsection for their
sites - user-optimized IDL routines (same functionality).

-Bill B.

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