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Re: IDL subroutine improvements

Bii B. (wbiagiot@suffolk.lib.ny.us) writes:

> Anyway, was just wondering.  BTW, if anyone wants these two functions, just
> drop me a line.  Maybe DF or RK would consider another subsection for their
> sites - user-optimized IDL routines (same functionality).

I would be more than happy to host optimized programs on
my web page. The only issue for me is that the programs
have a documentation header consistent with my other
programs, so that I can make the HTML help file that
goes with the programs. (You can use the template.pro
program found in the IDL52/examples/misc directory.)

A short paragraph concerning what the program does and
how it is different from the RSI-supplied program would
also be appreciated. :-)



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