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Pavel Romashkin (promashkin@cmdl.noaa.gov) writes:

> Hi IDL for Mac pros,
> I have tried for the first time to run a widget code that works
> successfully on a PC and Unix, on a Mac IDL 5.1 in demo mode. The first
> thing it did was crash the widget application, complaining that
> widget-control, some_id, send_event ={.......}
> can not be called on an unrealized widget.  

Humm. I'm still not to the bottom of my own Mac SEND_EVENT
problem, which appears to put the Mac into some kind of loop
it doesn't know how to get out of. It doesn't happen all the
time (alas only in my *real* programs, not in my *test*
programs), but this problem of your suggests that some
kind of timer event may be at work in both of these problems.

I suspect it is because the MacOS doesn't really allow
for this kind of mechanism and that RSI has hacked together
something to get cross-platform compatibility. RSI is
not to anxious to hear about it, though, until I can get
something simple that breaks reliably. Sigh...



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