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Hi IDL for Mac pros,
I have tried for the first time to run a widget code that works
successfully on a PC and Unix, on a Mac IDL 5.1 in demo mode. The first
thing it did was crash the widget application, complaining that

widget-control, some_id, send_event ={.......}

can not be called on an unrealized widget.  How come Mac is the only
platform that does not place that event in the queue and processes it
after it is done with the rest of the previous event which does realize
the widget in question later on?
It is not really a big issue but requires me to go and add another
widget_control line everywhere I happen to call for an event, using
crashing as a search engine for that.
Well, I am not even asking why Mac IDL could not open a binary saved on
Unix. Mac is a platform of dark secrets, despite my using it for 5 years
every day...

Thank you,