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Re: Problems reading HDF after 5.2 upgrade

David Fanning <davidf@dfanning.com> wrote:

> According to RSI technical support the HDF browser in IDL 5.2
> is broken. See:

>    http://www.dfanning.com/idl5_info/hdf_browser.html

I just got confirmation of this from RSI.  They have it fixed in v5.2.1,
which "will be out within the next couple of months".

> You might be able to catch on with the new Noesys beta
> program. This is a new HDF browser/interface that RSI
> is jointly marketing and developing with the folks at
> Fortner Software. VERY nice, from what I hear.

Thanks for the pointer.  I'll look into Noesys, as I seem to be using HDF 
more and more, so nice tools are useful.

Fortunately in the short run, my sys admin does not believe than newer 
versions are always better so we have 5.1 installed in parallel for now.  
If not for this, I'd be severely hamstrung while they get 5.2.1 ready.


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