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Problems reading HDF after 5.2 upgrade

I am attempting to use hdf_browser and hdf_read to read in an HDF file
(HDF v4.1r2).  Under 5.1 I could do this successfully. I was able to
save the template, and restore it at a later time thus reducing the need
to invoke the browser.  A very nice trick.  

We recently upgraded to 5.2.  When I tried to run my old procedure, I
get an error 

HDF_READ: Supplied template is invalid or out of date.

To be more specific, the "offending" lines are  

IDL> restore, 'mco_hdf_format.dat'
IDL> mcd=hdf_read('mco_1k.hdf',TEMPLATE=mco)
% HDF_READ: Supplied template is invalid or out of date.

So I tried to create a new template, following the example in the manual
and I again get an error.

IDL> template = HDF_BROWSER('mco_1k.hdf')
IDL> output_structure = HDF_READ('mco_1k.hdf',TEMPLATE=template)
% Variable is undefined: COMPARE_STRUCTURES.
% Execution halted at:  HDF_READ               
%                       HDF_READ               
%                       $MAIN$                 

What am I doing wrong?


William Raphael Hix			    Email:  raph@phy.ornl.gov
Oak Ridge National Laboratory         	    Voice:  (423) 574-4716
P.O. Box 2008                		    Fax:    (423) 576-8746  
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6354