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Re: Experimental FAQ

In article <7gm55f$hs7$1@nnrp1.dejanews.com>, rmlongfield@my-dejanews.com wrote:

>In article <mgs-2804991054250001@teton.ivsoftware.com>,
>  mgs@ivsoftware.com (Mike Schienle) wrote:
>> Try out http://www.ivsoftware.com:591/FAQ/default.htm and let me know what
>> you think.
>Hi Mike,
>        Just for your information, I was unsuccessful getting to this web
>Netscape 3.01 was unable to connect to the server.    I can
>reach your main web page with no trouble, however.

Hi Rose -

I'm discovering that some proxy servers are blocking port 591, which is
the port where the FAQ is served from. Some proxies are much stricter than
others. Apparently, your proxy is blocking port 591 (the port where I have
the FAQ DB served from). Since I already have my regular web pages served
from the standard port 80, I had to use the alternative port 591. Please
let me know if you're not on a proxy server, since that would be a
different problem. My other choice is to use an alternate IP address
instead of the one serving my web pages. That way I could serve the FAQ
from something like faq.ivsoftware.com and have it be a different IP
address than www.ivsoftware.com. As soon as my ISP gets in, I'll be on the
phone registering a new IP address with them. I'll post a message to the
newsgroup when that happens. I expect the new IP address to be mapped to

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