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Re: object toddling

David Fanning wrote:

> Wouldn't it be fun to get 10-12 people together to write programs
> for 3-4 days? With the right people we would have so many good
> programs come out of it that the newsgroup would be using our
> programs for years to come. :-)

I agree that it would be fun for those involved, for 3-4 days. But I am
afraid I know what that would end up like. Since you can never meet the
specific needs of others with any general purpose program, they (others)
would start calling upon the group and demanding other features. And here
comes the beginning of the "Decomposed=0 Inc." - super-efficient custom IDL
application builders. And then, once D.S. figures out that this is more
profitable than developing IDL itself  and, leading a whole bunch of RSI
staff, joins the group, it would really become interesting...