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Re: TVRD'ing under windows

Phil Aldis (philaldis@geocities.com) writes:
> I'm having trouble tvrd'ing under windows, when I'm running 16 bit
> mode, and using decomposed colour. If I display an image, and then
> tvrd it back in and the tv that image, I get a garbled mess. The only
> way I can get a representation of what is on the screen is to set it
> into 24 bit mode, image=tvrd (true=1) and then tv, image, true=1.
> I'm not really sure what's going on. Is this anything to do with what
> David was saying a while bakc, that when you're using decomposed
> colous, it runs stuff through the table or something.

Must be something going around, because I just wrote an article
about this last week and posted it on my web page:


You don't have to be in 24-bit mode (at least in IDL
5.2), but you *DO* have to set the TRUE keyword both in
TVRD and on the TV command, and you DO have to have
Decomposed=1 when displaying a 24-bit image on a PC.

(I *really* think this last requirement is a bug, RSI. 
Anyone listening?)


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