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Re: RedHat-6.0 with Glibc2.1 breaks IDL-5.2

Martin Schultz wrote:
> NewsMan wrote:
> >
> > The new RedHat-6.0 Linux with glibc-2.1 breaks IDL-5.2.  I got the
> > following error when I invoke IDL.
> > [...]
> just a quick status "report" on this. I have just installed IDL on
> RedHat 5.2 and since there are some problems with colortables and fvwm2
> (see earlier article in thsi newsgroup -- btw: lesstif works) I had
> asked RSInc about the patch mentioned earlier. They repied it's a pretty
> old piece of code and not certain that it woiuld still apply.
> FUrthermore I learned, that the RedHat version currently supported by
> RSInc is 5.1 (not 5.2). I dropped a hint that 6.0 is available soon ...
> may take a while before they get into it though.
> Martin.

You can easily install an old glibc (RH 5.2 has 2.0.7), and set up your
LD_PRELOAD environment variable just before running idl (perhaps in a
shell which runs only idl and is used for no other purpose).  This way
you can continue using RH 6.0 using glibc-2.1, but IDL will work (and
find this library function it needs to work).  Such a script might look

export LD_PRELOAD=/lib/libc-2.0.7

Good Luck,


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