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Re: Ploting some data during fortran code execution

In article <3756640D.A277B67D@eureka.kjist.ac.kr> 
Jaedeuk Lee <goodman@eureka.kjist.ac.kr> writes:
> Hi, all.
> I'm solving a nonlinear optimization problem.
> In my code, optimum solution is computed by iterative scheme.
> (I used L-BFGS-B routine.)
> In this case, I want to trace the shape of solution during iteration.
> To do that, I must plot that data during execution of executable made by
> fortran code.
> In pv-wave, it was possible by using 'waveinit', 'wavecmd', 'waveterm'.
> However, It looks impossible in idl, because idl don't have 'waveinit',
> 'wavecmd', 'waveterm'.
> Is there any method to execute idl commands in fortran program.

What's wrong with IDL_Init(), IDL_ExecuteStr() and IDL_Cleanup()?
You wouldn't expect RSI to use their competitor's name in their
own routines, would you?

Look at "Introduction to Callable IDL" and "Using Callable IDL under
Unix and VMS" in the External Development Guide (among the "Other
Online Books in the online help). There's a section on Fortran
use as well.


Stein Vidar