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Re: Ploting some data during fortran code execution

Oh, by the way, I thought I should mention a *very* nice
way to take advantage of IDL's RPC capabilities.

I'm currently developing C programs for my PhD thesis, but
I like to use IDL as a plotting program (for easy visual
debugging) and as a prototyping language.

The way I do this is to use Remote Procedure Calls to send
data and commands to IDL. The *really* neat thing,
however, is that one idlrpc server process can be a server
for more than one client simultaneously.

So what I do is to use the idl/external/rpc/example.c
program as a command input front-end to an idlrpc process
running in the background.

My C programs connect to the same process and send data
and [e.g. plotting] commands. At the same time, I can use
the front-end to type commands interactively.  The
example.c program is pretty "dumb" wrt. command line
editing, but guess what, you can easily run it under
idl-shell (sorry, idlwave-shell) in emacs, giving you all
the command line editing functionality you could ever
want, as well as the neat debugging/breakpoint
functionality of the idlwave package!

I really don't know what I'd do without it!


Stein Vidar