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Re: axis label fontsize vs. tick label size

noymer@my-deja.com wrote:
> I am making some simple xy scatterplots.  I would like to make
> the y-axis label bigger (ie larger fontsize), but I don't want
> to change the size of the tick labels.
> YCHARSIZE=xxx  seems to change both in my experiments.  Is that
> correct?
> One possibility would be to add the axis label separately using
> XYOUTS or ANNOTATE, but in this case the text-box would have to
> be rotated to make it look like a y-axis label.  For this reason
> it seems like a lot of work, though maybe it's not so bad as it
> seems?
Well, it's not that bad!

To give you a fairly general solution:

; create your plot
plot,findgen(10)  ; ...other keywords

; get coordinates for label
cx = !x.window[0] - 0.06   ; value depends on width of
                           ; tickmark labels
cy = total(!y.window)/2.

; produce the ytitle
xyouts,cx,cy,'My title',/NORM,charsize=2., $

Good luck,


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