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Re: undefined procedure problem


Just an update ...

I tried both (1) and (2) of Martin's suggestions, and got the same
"undefined procedure" error message.  I also get the same error if,
instead of calling comment_ev, I try to call another event-handling
procedure that works fine in other contexts.  

I also tried R. Bauer's suggestion of making sure that the event=
keyword in cw_form is given a string - in that case, I got an error
message saying that my string variable (event_string='comment_ev') was
an undefined procedure.

So I've given up on using cw_form for now.  In hindsight, it wouldn't
have saved me that much programming anyway.  

Thanks for the tips,

P.S.  Thanks, Martin, for your advice in (3) - I'll keep that in mind
next time I have a mysterious problem!

Martin Schultz wrote:
> maybe I am the wrong one to answer (because I am not that much into
> widgets), but perhaps the following tips can help:
> (1) try a call to resolve_routine,'comment_ev' before you call cw_form.
> That should ensure it gets compiled before cw_form is registered with
> xmanager.
> (2) try to put comment_ev in a seperate file with that name and make
> sure it is in the IDL !PATH.
> (3) if (2) works, my suspicion would be that comment_ev is embedded in a
> file after the routine that bears the name of the file. That's always
> dangerous.
> Good luck,
> Martin.
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