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Re: Satellite images and interpolation

Martin Schultz <mgs@io.harvard.edu> wrote:
>Ben Marriage wrote:
>> I have a 2D array of values and a correponding 2D array of Latitudes and
>> a 2D array of longitudes (Geo-registered Sea Surface Temperatures if
>> anybody is interested). I also have a 2D satellite image with 2D arrays
>> of latitude and longitude. How do I take the latitude/longitude pairs
>> from the satellite image and interpolate these positions into the Sea
>> Surface Temperatures?

MS provided a nice list but I think he left out the ones you need: the pair 
triangulate and trigrid. Have a look at the help pages for these 2. Also,
look (www.deja.com) for my recent post about sph_scat and the helpful reply
I received.


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