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Too many users...

Suppose I have a node-locked 1 user license.  99.44% of the time, this
is fine for my needs (it's a fairly "dedicated" system, running "mostly"
one application in batch, most of the time).  

On occasion, someone needs to do a quick, one-off, thing in IDL and they
grab my one license.  

While they have the license, my batch job decides "It's time to run"
(determined by an external source sending a mail message, I've got no
control over when it happens).  Of course, since the other user has the
license, my job starts up in "timed demo" mode.  If my job could finish
in 7 minutes, I wouldn't care, but it takes several hours so I do care

Had my "mail initiated" job been run interactively, I'd be asked, "do
you want to wait for a license" and I've I'd answered "YES" I'd be put
"on hold" until the other person finished.  Is there a way to achieve
this "wait until the license is available" in a "batch job stream",
perhaps with some command line option I'm not aware of and/or an
environment variable?


PS this is IDL 5.2 running on Solaris 2.7.
PPS Buying a second user license isn't an option :-(


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