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Farewell USA!

Just a quick note to say good bye for a while and to advertise my
web page  http://www-as.harvard.edu/people/staff/mgs/idl/  which will
around for a while. I learned a lot (not only about IDL ;-) in the past
2.5 years,
and I will be happy to return to this newsgroup once I am settled in
BTW: I recently discovered that I can run IDL with TrueColor in Linux, I
just never read David F's article carefully enough! Now I really have
hell of
a lot of work to do to make all my programs "color aware" as David calls
But Germans are perfectionists, so it may take a while ;-)

Best of luck to you all, see you in fall,



Martin Schultz, DEAS, Harvard University, 29 Oxford St., Pierce 109,
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