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Re: Can I de-loop?

In article <7mje9s$263$1@nnrp1.deja.com>,
  throop@colorado.edu wrote:>For instance, given
>A = [0,1,2]
>N = [2,2,2]
>K = 4
>I want the result A = [0,1,14], not A = [0,1,6]

I'll take this one guys (using the non-gender-specific meaning!).
Woohoo! My first "use histogram" posting!

A = [0,1,2]
N = [2,2,2]
n = n(sort(n)) ; you may need this, not sure of your application
K = 4

a =a+k*histogram(n,binsize=1,min=0,max=n_elements(a)-1)

This may not be general enough for your application, but
you get the idea.  Always use histogram if possible.


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