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Q: about Richardson_Lucy Alg. (deconvolution)

Anyone is familiar w/ the Richardson_Lucy Deconvolution alg.? I have found
a IDL program (lucy_guess.pro) that claims to perform this deconvolution.

However, when examining the code I am not quite sure if it is correct.  in
lucy_guess.pro line 89 it has this loop
	for k=0,n_iter do begin
	    weight = convol(old,psfr)
	    new	   = old * convol( (data/weight) ,psf)
	    old    = new

but shouldn't it be
        for k=0,n_iter do begin
            weight = convol(old,psfr,/edge_truncate)
            new    = old * correlate( (data/weight) ,psf)
            old    = new

Any idea??

-- Herbert


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