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Porting Unix to NT problem 2 - mapping buttons over draw space

Hello again, this is the second of a two part series in my trials and 
tribulations porting some IDL code from Unix to NT.

I have a Draw widget.  Under Unix, when I push the right mouse button, a 
pop-up menu of check boxes shows up in my draw widget.  I can then select my 
check boxes.  I right click again in the draw space and the menu unmaps.  
However, under NT mouse focus remains with the draw widget and I can't select 
my buttons.  Surely, I could just make the check boxes pop up in a separate 
window instead of un/mapping them to the same space as my draw widget, but I'm 
curious why this problem occurs in NT and not Unix.

Anybody have any ideas/suggestions?

Thanks again,
-Manuel J. Suarez

ps-I'm using IDL 5.2 on NT and both 5.0 and 5.2 worked properly in Unix