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I've just posted an updated version of SAVEIMAGE to


SAVEIMAGE saves the contents of the current graphics window to an output
file in GIF (default), BMP, TIFF, or JPEG format. The current IDL
graphics mode (8-bit or 24-bit) is detected and handled automatically
(IDL 5.1 or higher is required).

Using the procedure is as simple as 

IDL> saveimage, 'test.gif' 
IDL> saveimage, 'test.bmp', /bmp 
IDL> saveimage, 'test.tif', /tiff 
IDL> saveimage, 'test.jpg', /jpeg 

The updates include color reduction for 8-bit images, and sorted color
tables for quantized 24-bit images.


PS: The companion routine SHOWIMAGE is coming along nicely. It will
provide a straightforward way to display GIF, BMP, TIFF, or JPEG images
whether you are running IDL in 8-bit or 24-bit mode.

Liam E. Gumley
Space Science and Engineering Center, UW-Madison