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Re: Easy way to make hard copies at full printer resolution

Craig Markwardt (craigmnet@cow.physics.wisc.edu) writes:

> I would *love* it if the graphics window would simply remember what's
> been plotted, and be able to dump that out to the postscript device.
> A little print button at the top of the window would do wonders.  Does
> this work in Windows?

Absolutely! Why do you think we all switched from UNIX?
Oh, whoops, hang on. I just tested this. Bummer. :-(

> All of the programs found by Kristian are written in IDL, so
> necessarily try to solve the problem at the *front* end, e.g. by
> intercepting PLOT commands.  It would be much more simple and elegant
> to solve the problem at the back end in the graphics driver.  Has
> anybody ever written a graphics driver?

Uh, no, I haven't written a graphics driver. But I am
tired of hearing about it and I could use someone pounding me
on the back and telling me what a great guy I am (I lost
another tennis match today), so I'm gonna have a go at
writing something. Probably won't be this weekend, however.
The middle son and I are sitting through 18 excruciating
hours of soccer referee instruction this weekend. No wonder
those idiots can't see a foul. They are brain-dead by the
end of the first weekend!

Anyway, I've got a few ideas... :-)



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