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Re: Easy way to make hard copies at full printer resolution

In article <MPG.12150a3fd1c555a989880@news.frii.com> 
davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:

> Uh, no, I haven't written a graphics driver. But I am
> tired of hearing about it and I could use someone pounding me
> on the back and telling me what a great guy I am (I lost
> another tennis match today), so I'm gonna have a go at
> writing something. [...]

Well, that would be great, indeed! 

> Anyway, I've got a few ideas... :-)

I've got a few myself, if you do the work, David! 
Probably the best thing to start with is the JOURNAL 
command. The system variable !JOURNAL is set to the 
file unit used for journalling, you could use that to 
FLUSH,!JOURNAL to make sure everything's there. Grab 
the file contents, let the user set the starting point 
(or possibly auto-detect e.g. wset/window and similar 
procedures!) and edit a little bit, then squeeze the 
program in between your favourite PS "wrappers" and 
execute.. probably at the $main$ level!

So, users should invoke your script with e.g. "@printwin",
and @printwin may contain e.g.:


You could of course use RECALL_COMMANDS instead - though
the default of 20 lines stored is not enough. The user
has to either start JOURNAL, or change !EDIT_INPUT
to have sufficient storage.... Oops, I better go back
to my thesis before I get carried away like I did
with the dlmform script..

So, when will we see it, David :-)


Stein Vidar