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Re: Easy way to make hard copies at full printer resolution

Stein Vidar Hagfors Haugan (steinhh@ulrik.uio.no) writes:

> I've got a few myself, if you do the work, David! 
> Probably the best thing to start with is the JOURNAL 
> command. 

An interesting idea, Stein Vidar, but the thought of
editing journal commands leaves me cold for some
reason. Perhaps there is ample room here for two
approaches to the same problem. :-)

I am thinking along the lines of a more powerful
XWindow program, but object based. And as a matter
of fact, I have the basic idea working (I.e., a 
program that takes and displays an unlimited number
of commands) in just a little over an hour of 
programming last night when I got back from 
referee training. (This is why I LOVE objects!)
Now it is just a matter of fleshing it out and
adding the error checking and documentation.
Should be ready by the first of the year. :-)
> Oops, I better go back to my thesis before I get 
> carried away like I did with the dlmform script.

Ah, I wondered what had become of you lately.
I've missed you. Well, good writing! :-)

> So, when will we see it, David :-)

Soon, I believe. Real soon. Get your checkbooks ready. :-)



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