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Re: Concatenate elements of string array

kluegel@lanl.gov wrote:
> Does anyone out there have a clever idea on how to
> concatenate all elements of a one dimensional array
> of strings?  Of course, explicit looping is the
> obvious way to do it, but approaches using array
> manipulation tend to be more efficient.  Any
> array-based approaches out there?
> Thanks for any ideas.

string can be used like sprintf in C
You have to create the Format specification on the fly

IDL> string_array=['one ','string ','split ',$
		'into ','many ','array elements']
IDL> help,string_array & print,string_array
STRING_ARRAY    STRING    = Array[6]
one  string  split  into  many  array elements
IDL> one_string = string(string_array, $
		format = '(' + string(n_elements(string_array)) + 'A)')

IDL> help,one_string & print,one_string
ONE_STRING      STRING    = 'one string split into many array elements'
one string split into many array elements

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