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Re: Keeping text Readable in Object Graphics

David Borland (dborland@egi.com) writes:

>   Can anyone point me in the right direction for getting text to remain
> readable when rotated in object graphics, and still have hidden surface
> removal remain active?
>   If I use the OnGlass keyword, the text stays properly oriented, but the
> text also stays visible even when it should be hidden behind something.  I
> have tried using the same technique that you use to rotate displays with the
> Trackball object, on the text object, and I get skewed, and reversed and
> other unfavorable results.

I'm afraid this may fall into the category of "having your cake
and eating it, too". My mama always told me it just wasn't 
possible. :-(



P.S. If you strung a wire through the middle of your
text, parallel to the axis, and the text string could 
rotate on the wire freely, and then you attached a 
weight to the bottom edge of the text, then I think
as you rotate the axis in space the text *should* be 
readable. *There* is the algorithm. I'll leave the 
implementation up to you (or maybe RSI in a future 
update). :-)

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