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Re: Common trouble

Kristian Kjaer (kristian.kjaer@risoe.dk) writes:

I should really leave this question to the common
block experts... :-)

> Q1: How do you delete a common block (other than by exiting IDL)?

You can't. Once declared, it's there forever. I hear
this may be changing in IDL 5.3. 

> Q3: Should commons be avoided altogether in IDL ?

I'll defer. Let's just say they are WAY overused in
widget programs, in my humble opinion. But there is no
question they are useful in certain--I think 
> Q2: Why does this not work (got the same with IDL 5.1 on linux):

One of the rules of common block usage is that common
block variables cannot be arguments of procedures:

   IDL> ? common blocks

>From the error messages you are getting, I suspect the
parameters are somehow marked as a special "type" when
they come into the procedure that is different from the
type you expect them to be when you load them into common.
But this is pure speculation.



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