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Non-exclusive Drop Lists

I am interested in creating a drop list in IDL containing non-exclusive
choices. I will provide an example to illustrate what I am having
trouble creating.

Let's call the name of a droplist "1". When one selects this droplist,
which appears as a button with the text "1" in it, a list of options
appear. Suppose these options are "1a", "1b", and "1c". I would like to
select these option in a non-exclusive way. That is, I may want to
choose 1a and 1b, or maybe 1a and 1c, or all three, etc. The status of
each sub-field of the droplist should be indicated by a checked or
un-checked box (similar to non-exclusive button lists).

I am familiar with WIDGET_DROPLIST and CW_PDMENU, but as far as I can
tell these cannot produce the desired result. Has anyone constructed
widgets or routines that do this?  How should I connect different widget
routines to do this?

 - Greg

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