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Re: Non-exclusive Drop Lists

Greg Madsen (madsen@astro.wisc.edu) writes:

> I am interested in creating a drop list in IDL containing non-exclusive
> choices. I will provide an example to illustrate what I am having
> trouble creating.

> I am familiar with WIDGET_DROPLIST and CW_PDMENU, but as far as I can
> tell these cannot produce the desired result. Has anyone constructed
> widgets or routines that do this?  How should I connect different widget
> routines to do this?

Well, if you're familiar with CW_PDMENU, you know you don't
want to use that. :-)

And a droplist won't help you, obviously. (A less stilted
form of "of course". What do you think?)

So I think the only course left to you is to build
your own pull-down menus from buttons. Here is an
example that doesn't do anything useful, except allow
you to see which choices are turned ON and which are
turned OFF.



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PRO Example_Button_Events, event
Widget_Control, event.id, Get_Value=buttonValue, Get_UValue=buttonUValue
Widget_Control, event.id, Set_Value=buttonUValue, Set_UValue=buttonValue


tlb = Widget_Base(Column=1, Title='Make a Choice...')
selectID = Widget_Button(tlb, Value='Animal Selections...', /Menu, $
   Event_Pro='Example_Button_Events', Scr_XSize=200)

choice1 = Widget_Button(selectID, Value='Choose Dogs', /Menu)
button = Widget_Button(choice1, Value='Retriever', UValue='* Retriever')
button = Widget_Button(choice1, Value='Boxer', UValue='* Boxer')
button = Widget_Button(choice1, Value='Great Dane', UValue='* Great Dane')

choice2 = Widget_Button(selectID, Value='Choose Cows', /Menu)
button = Widget_Button(choice2, Value='Holstein', UValue='* Holstein')
button = Widget_Button(choice2, Value='Angus', UValue='* Angus')
button = Widget_Button(choice2, Value='Jersey', UValue='* Jersey')

Widget_Control, tlb, /Realize
XManager, 'example', tlb, /No_Block