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Re: IDL Spawn command on UNIX system

In article <37bf3790@mindmeld.idcomm.com>, "John D. Sample"
<sample@idcomm.com> wrote:

>I'm using IDL to SPAWN a c program on many UNIX systems using the 'remsh' 
>(remote shell) command.
>I would like to SPAWN these jobs in the background and forget them until
>later, but, by default my IDL session stops and waits for the SPAWNed job to
>be complete.  

I hope this is something you've overlooked and I'm not sounding like an
idiot for suggesting it, but how about adding an ampersand (&) to the end
of the command string which is sent to the spawn command? That would
background the spawned command and return to the IDL command/program
without waiting for the process to complete.

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