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Re: IDL Spawn command on UNIX system

On Sat, 21 Aug 1999, Mike Schienle wrote:

>In article <37bf3790@mindmeld.idcomm.com>, "John D. Sample"
><sample@idcomm.com> wrote:
>>I'm using IDL to SPAWN a c program on many UNIX systems using the 'remsh' 
>>(remote shell) command.
>>I would like to SPAWN these jobs in the background and forget them until
>>later, but, by default my IDL session stops and waits for the SPAWNed job to
>>be complete.  
>I hope this is something you've overlooked and I'm not sounding like an
>idiot for suggesting it, but how about adding an ampersand (&) to the end
>of the command string which is sent to the spawn command? That would
>background the spawned command and return to the IDL command/program
>without waiting for the process to complete.
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but it wouldn't solve the problem of your process quota. Talk to your
sysadmin, and ask them to raise the number of processes you are allowed to
run at any one given time to solve that problem.