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Re: xmanager /no_block

R.Bauer (R.Bauer@fz-juelich.de) writes:

> How did I get the NO_BLOCK state without using xmanager.
> I have written a small interface where I don't want the controll of the
> functions by xmanager. Because
> xmanager blocks a new event as long if it is running the one before.
> I have written my own event manager for this application so I am able to
> create events during an event is processed.
> This all is working really good and fast!
> The only thing I momentanly don't know is:
> How did the NO_BLOCK by xmanager work?.
> What is the command for widget_control to get this mode?

Here is the command in XMANAGER:

   if keyword_set(no_block) then WIDGET_CONTROL, $

I'd be using this only if I *REALLY* knew what I was
doing. :-)



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