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Re: Image slicing

Tim Lamont-Smith (tlsmith@dera.gov.uk) writes:
> I have a 2D image which I want to take a slice through. What
> I could do is use ROT to rotate my image so that I can then
> plot one of the columns, but this is very unsatisfactory.
> What I would really like to be able to have is something a
> little bit like LIVE_IMAGE, where it is possible to draw a
> line on the image using the cursor, but then have the data
> values along that line returned, and possibly have the
> indices returned as well. CURSOR could be used, but then you
> only get to guess the two endpoints and plot the line on the
> image afterwards. BOX_CURSOR could also be used, and then
> you have to imagine a line between the diagonals. I suspect
> modifying BOX_CURSOR and calling it something like
> LINE_CURSOR may be the best way.
> Does anyone have software to do this already ?
> Does anyone else think that this would be a useful feature
> for IDL to have ?

If you can't do this in 10 minutes after reading
these two articles, let me know. :-)




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