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Image slicing

I have a 2D image which I want to take a slice through. What
I could do is use ROT to rotate my image so that I can then
plot one of the columns, but this is very unsatisfactory.

What I would really like to be able to have is something a
little bit like LIVE_IMAGE, where it is possible to draw a
line on the image using the cursor, but then have the data
values along that line returned, and possibly have the
indices returned as well. CURSOR could be used, but then you
only get to guess the two endpoints and plot the line on the
image afterwards. BOX_CURSOR could also be used, and then
you have to imagine a line between the diagonals. I suspect
modifying BOX_CURSOR and calling it something like
LINE_CURSOR may be the best way.

Does anyone have software to do this already ?
Does anyone else think that this would be a useful feature
for IDL to have ?



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