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In article <37C2C051.302FCB27@clinmed.gla.ac.uk>,
  David Brennan <9147261b@clinmed.gla.ac.uk> wrote:
> I got an e-mail recently from the RSI people that there is some new
> software called VIP Visual IDL Programming. I realise this hasn't yet
> been released (well not here in the UK anyway!), but does anyone have
> anything to say about it, good or bad. Has anyone had a look at any
> versions? Or am I the only one to know about it, because RSI knows I
> not very good at programming and thus thought I would get excited
> drag and drop programming!
> Cheers

> Dave Brennan

I beta tested the code and was really pleased with it.  The learning
curve isn't that bad and as long as your are using the built in
routines you really do not need to know much IDL programming.  I do
agree with David Fanning that this opens up more consulting
opportunities on extending VIP with user built code!

My personal perception is that VIP is meant as a middle gound between
Insight and straight IDL programming.

Ronn Kling
Ronn Kling Consulting

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