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Re: newbie question: redirect stdout?

"Andreas V. Kadavanich" wrote:
> I'm running IDL 5.2.1 on a PowerMac
> I am running a batch program which takes about 5 hours per iteration (so I
> don't want to sit there watching) and generates a lot of output (mostly
> diagnostic messages) to stdout.
> I would like to log this output to a file, preferably by redirecting
> stdout (and stderr) to a file. I am stumped as to how to accomplish this
> within IDL short of changing all my print statements to explicitly write
> to a file (which wouldn't help with IDL generated messages).

On UNIX systems, you can use standard input and output, e.g.

% idl < input > output

but since you're on a Mac, this doesn't help.

One approach is to change your PRINT statements to PRINTF, and use the
standard output logical unit number (-1) when you want output to the log
window (IDL reserves the logical unit numbers 0, -1, -2 for stdin,
stdout, stderr). Here's an example:


;- Check output file keyword

if n_elements(outfile) eq 0 then begin
  ;- No output file specified, so send output to stdout
  outlun = -1
endif else begin
  ;- Output file was specified, so open it
  openw, outlun, outfile, /get_lun

;- Print startup message
printf, outlun, 'Program started at ', systime(1)

;*** Use PRINTF instead of PRINT in your program ***

;- Print finish message
printf, outlun, 'Program finished at ', systime(1)

;- Close the output file if necessary
if outlun gt 0 then free_lun, outlun


For more information, consult the online help:
IDL> ? logical unit numbers

It is true that this won't re-direct any error messages from IDL to the
output file. But messages from IDL are most likely to be either
compilation messages or fatal error messages, and you'll see these in
the command log window easily because all other output is going to a
file. If you want to get really tricky, you can trap the IDL errors
yourself. See David Fanning's tip at


Liam E. Gumley
Space Science and Engineering Center, UW-Madison