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Re: Plea for IDL 2000 (was: a plea for more reliable mathematical routines)

In article <7s4q2u$51j$1@alster.dkrz.de>,
  m218003@modell3.dkrz.de (Martin.Schultz@dkrz.de) wrote:
>  But to be constructive:
> how about a user-bug-fix initiative? ..... LOTS CUT
> where people could download the most recent versions
> of the IDL procedures, and upload their corrected versions .... LOTS

On my web site (www.rlkling.com) I have a place for modified IDL
routines that people create.  RSI knows about this and has given me the
OK for posting them.  The only restricition they asked for was that the
routines be renamed with the authors initials as the first two
characters.  This will avoid any confusion with their tech support.

To name an example: just last week I eliminated an
> annoying restriction in VELOVECT.PRO which is that it does not accept
> 2D arrays for X and Y and hence does not work for irregulariliy
> data. Well, now it does;-) and I would be happy to contribute this

If you send it to me I will post it as MSVELOVECT.PRO !

>BUT OF COURSE: We need to be sure that our effort will be
> honored in that bug fixes will make it into the official distribution!

I cannot promise that, but RSI does know about the site and I as new
routines are added I will let them know that they are there.

Ronn Kling
Ronn Kling Consulting

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