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Re: printing capabilities (newbie)

Christophe Geraud <geraud@realix.fr> writes:
> Is it possible to print a set of windows ?
> or: is it possible to copy curves and images and table in a single
> window ?

As others of have pointed out, you haven't given us enough
information to make a complete answer.

If you run on Unix, consider my one-button print solution under
X-windows, called XFWINDOW.  Unlike the screen-dump solutions,
XFWINDOW preserves the graphics commands precisely as you type them,
so the output comes with full fidelity.  It is included in the
xfilter-0.6 package, available from this web page:


Be sure to download xfilter-0.6.tar.gz.  XWINDOW (without the "F") is
a different program from XFWINDOW (with the "F").  Full documentation
is included in 00README.  Soon I will have a new version which
simplifies installation even more.

If there are any IDL folks out there experienced in compiling DLM's
for IBM or HP unix machines, please let me know.  I would like to get
these working as well.  Or download the source and take a look at it.
It's tricky, so feel free to contact me.


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