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Re: printing capabilities (newbie)

Liam Gumley wrote:

> Christophe Geraud wrote:
> > Is it possible to print a set of windows ?

First, thanks for your answer

> Can you be more specific and give us an example of what you'd like to
> do?

  Yes !
I need to offer a solution to a customer (using Windows NT).
The idea is that a user can have some windows on the screen.
Each window can contain data, picture or curves.
Then the user want to print the contain of the screen.
The basic solution could be to print an hardcopy of the screen.

I used PV-Wave 6.0 three years ago. As I can remember, PV-W has no
reporting facilities. True ?

Now I think it could be a good idea to offer communication with an other
tool to make reports. (sorry I don't speak a very good english :-)

Is it easy to copy data or picture in the clipboard to use them with
Word97 or any other tool ?

Any suggestions are welcome
Thanks for help

Christophe Geraud