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Colorbar Program Changes

Hi Folks,

Several people (including me) have run into problems lately 
using my COLORBAR program. In particular, when you call the
program it uses a PLOT command to draw the color bar axes.
This will affect the data coordinates in effect when the
COLORBAR program is called, which has made it difficult
to interact with the image or map projection or whatever
it was that was more important than the color bar.

So I have made a modification to the program so that 
the current plot, axes, and map system variables are saved
at the start of the COLORBAR program and restored 
when the program exits. Thus, it is now possible to
make a map projection, add an image, call the COLORBAR
program, and then use a cursor command on the map to
get the latitude and longitude coordinates directly.

The newly modified program is in the usual place:


I have also modified my color bar object program,
COLORBAR__DEFINE in a similar way:



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