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Re: PVWave, IRIX and o32/n32 objects

In article <01bf118d$d36e37e0$160b9482@basit47307033>,
  "Adrian Clark" <adrian.clark@gecm.com> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I am trying to compile a number of applications linking pvwave
> objects/shared objects with objects from other products.
> The difficulty I am encountering is that the PVWave objects are in o32
> format while the objects from the other products are all in n32
format.  It
> is impossible to combine these incompatible formats, and the only
> way round would be if I could obtain PVWave n32 objects.
> The last thing I heard was that VNI had no intention of releasing
> objects in n32 format.  Does anybody know if this is still the case?
> n32 objects available under the recently released version 7.0 of
> Thanks for any help.
> apc

Hi Adrian,
	I use IDL on a Silicon Graphics and had similar trouble recently
when the operating system was upgraded to 6.2 (which meant n32).  I had
to re-compile my C programs with a flag for -o32.  Then I was able to
use them in IDL.  Maybe this will work for you also.

I heard that the standard for SG  is going to be n32
in the future so PVWAVE will eventually be forced to comply with it.
IDL also isn't ready for it, as far as I know.
There was some discussion on this group about this a while ago (Try
doing a search for n32 and o32). This included someone who understood
the problem more than I.


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