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Re: PVWave, IRIX and o32/n32 objects

Hi Rose,

Thanks for your response.

Unfortunately compiling with the -o32 flag won't work as this will fail to
link in n32 objects from IRIS Explorer.

However, I recently discovered that PV-Wave v7.0 is compiled with n32 - so
my problem should be solved :-)

I don't know if this is of interest to you, but I understand that IDL 5.2.1
is built on n32 for IRIX (whereas 5.2 is o32), so perhaps this will help
with you applications.


rmlongfield@my-deja.com wrote in article <7u42v9$6g6$1@nnrp1.deja.com>...
> In article <01bf118d$d36e37e0$160b9482@basit47307033>,
>   "Adrian Clark" <adrian.clark@gecm.com> wrote:
> > Dear All,
> >
> > I am trying to compile a number of applications linking pvwave
> > objects/shared objects with objects from other products.
> >
> > The difficulty I am encountering is that the PVWave objects are in o32
> > format while the objects from the other products are all in n32
> format.  It
> > is impossible to combine these incompatible formats, and the only
> sensible
> > way round would be if I could obtain PVWave n32 objects.
> >
> > The last thing I heard was that VNI had no intention of releasing
> PVWave
> > objects in n32 format.  Does anybody know if this is still the case?
> Are
> > n32 objects available under the recently released version 7.0 of
> PVWave?
> >
> > Thanks for any help.
> >
> > apc
> >
> Hi Adrian,
> 	I use IDL on a Silicon Graphics and had similar trouble recently
> when the operating system was upgraded to 6.2 (which meant n32).  I had
> to re-compile my C programs with a flag for -o32.  Then I was able to
> use them in IDL.  Maybe this will work for you also.
> I heard that the standard for SG  is going to be n32
> in the future so PVWAVE will eventually be forced to comply with it.
> IDL also isn't ready for it, as far as I know.
> There was some discussion on this group about this a while ago (Try
> doing a search for n32 and o32). This included someone who understood
> the problem more than I.
> Rose
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