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Problem with license manager

I get this every hour or so on average:

% LICENSE MANAGER: No server response after 3 attempts (3:0 minutes).
% LICENSE MANAGER: Session will terminate after 5 more attempts
  (5:0 minutes) unless server responds.
  Use of the SAVE,/ALL command is suggested.

The occurrences seem random, and don't seem to be linked to a special
activity. It happens sometimes during idle time, sometimes during intense
computations, sometimes when I'm interacting at the command prompt, etc...
The session always terminate as IDL can never find the server once the first
message occurs.
It's not a network problem because IDL is actually running ON the LM server.
All my other network dependent applications work fine. I have the latest
version of lmgrd and all this is happening in Win NT 4 SP5 with IDL 5.2.
Does anyone have a clue of what's going on?

Thanks for any help.

Laurent Chardon