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Re: Object graphics axis

James Tappin (sjt@star.sr.bham.ac.uk) writes:

> Lets just be realistic: IDL object graphics is a pretty toy, which might be
> useful for drawing scenes etc, but for real scientific data it's the
> proverbial heap of donkey dung. 

Oh, quite the contrary. For real scientific 3D data
it is fabulous. Although "donkey dung" would not
be the way I would characterize its 2D capability,
I will concede it is less useful for 2D graphics.
But, then, why would you be using it for 2D graphics
anyway? Almost everything you want to do can be 
done (often better) in direct graphics.

> I would not like to try to write (for
> example) a routine to time label an arbitrary axis which might be anything
> from 2 minutes to 20 years in length with object graphics. [Anyone who wants
> to see how its done in direct graphics (well; up to 10 years the externsion
> to 25 hasn't been released yet) should go to:
> http://www.sr.bham.ac.uk/hi-scale_help/routine_search.html

It couldn't possibly be any more convoluted in object
graphics, but I still say stuff it. Put this here
TimeBox thing into an object of its own and THEN
you will have something worth using! :-)



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