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Re: Object graphics axis

> Lets just be realistic: IDL object graphics is a pretty toy, which might be
> useful for drawing scenes etc, but for real scientific data it's the
> proverbial heap of donkey dung.

I tend not to use strong language on the net and would just say that I
disagree. Drawing time axes is not the only scientific application I can think
of. I use IDL object graphics for what I consider scientific data and find it
very flexible, easy to use and fast (on Power PC). It is pretty indeed and for
the data I display the only viable alternative would be DF's "direct object

> I would not like to try to write (for
> example) a routine to time label an arbitrary axis which might be anything
> from 2 minutes to 20 years in length with object graphics.

It may or may not be hard to do. It would probably be even harder to draw this
kind of thing accurately with a crayon - but it does not yet give a reason to
call crayons donkey dung.

To be short: if you dislike something it does not mean its useless or bad.